Originality - Evolution & STYLE (A guide to Style)

Originality - Evolution & STYLE (A guide to Style)

At a very young age I always new fashion interested me.  I was a kid who always experimented with clothes.  I will say however it wasn't the most eye appealing style but it did grab peoples attention. 

At a young age I was able to already start working with colors, color blocking, patterns, textures and body fit.  I began to understand what worked best for my body type and other types.  

Later in my future I also studied at UIW in fashion design and merchandising.  I was fashion club president, intern for Robert Mitchell and the assistant to the regional director of Fashion Group International (fgi).  I was and still am always around fashion.  It is a part of my core as a small business owner now and as a stylist. 

I want to work with you, and everyone out there who does not feel as if they can't dress up for their body type, those who feel that its not within their budget, and those who just want to feel good in anything they wear.

When you book with me you will get a more in depth understanding of what pieces, style and color works for you. I like to have a meeting with you understand what changes you want to make to your style.  Also find out what is inside your closet and how we can organize and amp up your style.  We can also do a shopping trip so we can see what you need in your closet and what fits best within your budget.  

My goal is to have you feeling your best and have you smiling in alegria from Top to shoes!

To book a style session send me an email or text message to:

austin_alegria@icloud.com / 210.803.7863

*Rates will be discussed once contacted

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